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A professional designation, Dive Master is the first step in scuba leadership courses.  This theory and practical course covers topics such as:

* Advanced theory of diving
* Teaching techniques
* Effective communication techniques
* Group control
* Standards
* Instructor assistance
* Starts the candidate into diving pedagogy techniques, teaching him/her how to teach the Snorkel courses


* Be at least 18 years old
* Be a Rescue Diver or equivalent and have logged a minimum of 80 dives and 40 underwater hours
* Be an Advanced Diver
* Mandatory training in First Aid, CPR and Oxygen Provider

Requirements to obtain the certification

* The practical exercises in pool
* Assist in open water scuba courses (classroom, pool, and open water checkout)
* A written examination on the theory of diving, related to the topics offered in the course including advanced dive table theory
* Three written assignments on dive sites
* Must actively participate as dive master, rescue/safety diver, and recorder a minimum of three times for each role on club sanctioned dives
* Complete and submit Dive Master activity log sheets

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